Drug Free Pain Relief | 5 Safe Solutions For Back Pain Relief

By: Dr. Peter Michael, MBA

The past decade has seen a remarkable evolution in not only drug free pain relief, but the public perception of it. Solutions once dismissed as new-age and pseudoscientific have now seen new consideration by many patients, backed by plenty of careful, deliberative research. The COVID19 pandemic only accelerated this societal shift, with many looking for new and alternative methods to avoid consistent drug inundation.

As more people consult alternative therapies for pain relief, practices such as Miami Wellness have seen substantial nationwide growth. Consumer cynicism in the wake of the opioid crisis and pandemic has dovetailed with a broader openness to both cutting edge and ancient methods alike. The doctors of our office are proud to present a number of these non-invasive, drug free pain relief solutions. Here are 5 safe solutions for back pain relief, injury rehabilitation and more!

Intravenous Therapy

Technically this could be considered “invasive,” but not in the traditional definition of the word – normally reserved for the use of a scalpel and anesthesia. IV’s were once relegated for emergencies, but have now become both a means for vacationers to quickly reverse the effects of their night on the town, and for athletes to rapidly infuse nutrients directly to the bloodstream. Concierge services will perform in-house visits, while our very own doctors administer intravenous therapies that many elite athletes now swear by.

Infrared Light

Despite our millennia-long understanding of the benefits and dangers of sunlight, the use of infrared light to reverse the deleterious impact of UV light is only recently being accepted in mainstream clinical circles. As a natural counterpart to damaging UV light, infrared light repairs and regenerates cells, accelerating tissue healing. Infrared light penetrates well below the epidermis, allowing oxygen-rich, newly regenerated cells to rush to the affected area.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Backed by doctors, physical therapists, decades of use cases and international studies, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) might be the most proven drug free pain relief method on our list. Leveraging a combination of benefits found in the entries above and below, Electronic Muscle Stimulation has proven time and time again to accelerate the regeneration of cells, rebuild tissues, and even stimulate fat loss. In a wearable form, EMS can amplify workout results and assist in spinal alignment, proving effective in injury prevention, not just in the treatment phase.

Medical Cannabis, CBD

Like the IV, cannabis could technically be considered a drug, though its classification is primarily related to its psychoactive components and longstanding illegalization. As a naturally occurring plant, we felt it was only appropriate to organize it as a supplement, largely unregulated and provided without additives or preservatives. Both in its psychoactive and benign forms, the clinical use of cannabis, a plant that fell victim to decades’ long stigmata, has exploded. Long gone are the days when cannabis was reserved for illegal recreation. Today, thanks to its partial legalization, scientists have taken an unprecedented look into the myriad of benefits cannabis treatment offers – including mental health, ocular disorders, and musculoskeletal injuries to name a few.


Once reserved for eastern-focused naturopaths, meditation and mindfulness have entered the fore as a less-than-esoteric solution for pain relief. While far less clinically applicable than the other four methods, meditation is practiced by the most successful people in the world, widely cited as a morning ritual for legendary athletes and business executives. Through eye-opening documentaries like Heal and years of “mind-over-matter” studies, we now know how powerful our mindset can be, and what a difference our breath can make during tense situations.

In Conclusion

Holistic, osteopathic, and natural solutions may never be a proper replacement for trauma care, reparative surgeries, or synthetic drugs. However, the purpose of these tried & tested methods of pain relief isn’t to replace anything performed at Miami Wellness, or in a traditional medical setting. Simply, these treatment modalities supplement, not supplant your healthcare.